Action Leads to Motivation

Action without forethought leads to disastrous consequences; however, too much thinking results in procrastination. There’s a happy medium in there somewhere that every businessperson needs to tap within themselves and their employees.

The Golden Rule in Business

As children we learned the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. In business, however, we see winners and losers and those that win don’t appear to play by the rules. Read articles on systemically poor treatment of workers by such ...

An Addiction to Chaos

Business has always been hectic, making multiple and often simultaneous demands upon our time. The great promise of digitization enabling us to do things faster and more accurately didn’t relieve the pressure, but added to it with a generous

No Process, No Scale

The objective of every business, besides making a healthy profit, is growth. Almost every business owner or executive entertains ambitions of world domination, admitted or not. Some leaders find themselves positions for beautiful serendipity:

Supporting Processes for Implementation

You’ve got the big picture. You know the desired outcome, you’ve identified who will be involved in the process, and you’ve mapped out a feasible timeline. The team quivers in readiness: Ready, set, go! But there’s no “go,” because you haven’t

The Importance of Being Feasible

Albert Einstein is credited with saying,“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” Yogi Berra agreed. Einstein is also credited with saying, “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is

Practical Solutions Improve Strategies

Form follows function. Necessity is the mother of invention. Think outside the box. Those truisms drown amid mistaken perceptions that creativity must mean abandoning pragmatism because the prosaic cannot exist with creativity. For what it’s

Prototyping for Enterprise-wide Change

Although prototyping has manufacturing connotations associated with product development, it applies to business processes. Business analysts who subscribe to the BABOK can impress their colleagues with knowledge of 34 techniques to “identify,

Aligning Internal & External Customers

Any company with employees and customers must serve two customers: the internal audience of staff who provide the services and produce the products sold by the business and the external customers who purchase the products and/or services from

A Better Way to Work

Every January, the new year begins with goals and good intentions. Every new project, new initiative, new endeavor begins with envisioned outcomes and more good intentions. Life and business don’t necessarily cooperate; therefore, we make


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