Practical Solutions Improve Strategies

Form follows function. Necessity is the mother of invention. Think outside the box. Those truisms drown amid mistaken perceptions that creativity must mean abandoning pragmatism because the prosaic cannot exist with creativity. For what it’s

Prototyping for Enterprise-wide Change

Although prototyping has manufacturing connotations associated with product development, it applies to business processes. Business analysts who subscribe to the BABOK can impress their colleagues with knowledge of 34 techniques to “identify,

Aligning Internal & External Customers

Any company with employees and customers must serve two customers: the internal audience of staff who provide the services and produce the products sold by the business and the external customers who purchase the products and/or services from

A Better Way to Work

Every January, the new year begins with goals and good intentions. Every new project, new initiative, new endeavor begins with envisioned outcomes and more good intentions. Life and business don’t necessarily cooperate; therefore, we make

Freedom of Choice

The buck stops here. As a decision maker, every choice you make concerning the business affects the business, its employees, and even its clients. Many of those consequences may be minor, such as changing the brand of copy paper used in the

Show, Don’t Tell

Every successful author writer learns this key concept that C-suite executives would do well to apply to their everyday business interactions: show, don’t tell. Applied to business interaction and management, the concept doesn’t refer to using

Commit to Growth

Business growth requires investment in the future, even during tough times. Prudent growth cautions against being penny wise and pound foolish and invests in people. An IT consultant once made the observation that the small foundries whose

Assess Marketing Performance

The truism that every business needs marketing cannot be denied, even by businesses that owe the majority of their growth to word-of-mouth referrals. However, confusion arises when businesses mistake marketing for sales. In simple terms,

A Culture of Respect

More than ever, the USA is an immigrant nation. Historic demographic norms are shifting substantially, making the current “white, non-Hispanic” category a minority demographic. New Republic states, “The waves of Hispanics and Asians and

Mergers, Mergers, Everywhere

Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink. ~ From Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Corporate growth occurs along three basic paths: 1) mergers and acquisitions of related, rival, or complementary businesses, 2)


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