May I Have This Dance?

No business survives without repeat clients, but every business starts and grows with new clients. In the not-so-good old days when the upper classes closely regulated the interaction of eligible gentlemen with marriageable young ladies through

Business Clarity: Case Study

In 2009, GSI Commerce rolled out and rebranded its marketing services division, GSI Interactive, as True Action. Led by advertising powerhouses Nick Pahade and Dorian Sweet, True Action handled such well known clients as Aeropostale, Bath &

All Aboard!

You made the offer and the candidate accepted. Now it’s time to bring on your newest employee. Your new hire is understandably nervous. After all, he’s entering a new environment with unknown personalities and new expectations. The introduction

Ask the Right Questions

Business growth and success depend on happy clients, which means knowing what your clients want–and don’t want. The knowledge often comes about through trial and error, which can get expensive and result in unhappy clients who then spread

Communicate to Preempt Problems

Every organization—corporate, nonprofit, religious, recreational, etc.—no matter how large or small, will have problems with clients, vendors, and staff at some point. The trick of every organization is to anticipate and preempt problems to the

The Service & Delivery Conundrum

Look up “under promise” and “over deliver” in any online search engine and you’ll come up with conflicting results. Some business experts advocate for this business strategy, others caution against it: Inc.magazine advises abandoning the

Early Signs that Your Client Isn’t Happy

Thanks to big box stores and a pervasive “not my job” attitude, today’s expectations for customer service set a low standard and still clients aren’t happy. Whether you’re selling a product or service directly to the public or a product or

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Golden Rule is alive and well in business today, despite increasing opportunities afforded by modern technology to lie, cheat, and steal. With constant exhortations to verify references and perform background checks, it’s become even more

Understanding Your Client’s Agenda

Congratulations! You just landed a new client. After celebrating the win, the real work begins and it usually begins with a kickoff meeting. The kickoff meeting sets the tone for the relationship. Go in with an attitude that whatever the client

The Importance of Definition

A successful team of workers operates much like a herd. Any expert in herd livestock behavior–horses, cattle, goats, llamas–will verify that every herd has a pecking order. Introduction of a new animal to the herd or removal of an


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