The Service & Delivery Conundrum

Look up “under promise” and “over deliver” in any online search engine and you’ll come up with conflicting results. Some business experts advocate for this business strategy, others caution against it: Inc.magazine advises abandoning the

Early Signs that Your Client Isn’t Happy

Thanks to big box stores and a pervasive “not my job” attitude, today’s expectations for customer service set a low standard and still clients aren’t happy. Whether you’re selling a product or service directly to the public or a product or

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Golden Rule is alive and well in business today, despite increasing opportunities afforded by modern technology to lie, cheat, and steal. With constant exhortations to verify references and perform background checks, it’s become even more

Understanding Your Client’s Agenda

Congratulations! You just landed a new client. After celebrating the win, the real work begins and it usually begins with a kickoff meeting. The kickoff meeting sets the tone for the relationship. Go in with an attitude that whatever the client

The Importance of Definition

A successful team of workers operates much like a herd. Any expert in herd livestock behavior–horses, cattle, goats, llamas–will verify that every herd has a pecking order. Introduction of a new animal to the herd or removal of an

Getting on the Same Page

David Copperfield. Sigfried and Roy. Penn and Teller. Chris Angel. These are some of the greatest magicians of our time and the outstanding success of their magic depends upon prep work. If the scene isn’t set, the props not double- and

Define the Company’s Purpose for Everyone

Mention “mission and vision statements” and you’ll receive one of two responses. For some people, the whole mission-and-vision effort results in glazed eyes and a dreary sense of futility. For others, the effort sparks enthusiasm and renewed

An exercise in futility or strategy: You decide

It’s a rote truism that every business needs a business plan, although that necessity may not be obvious. Alan Gleeson offers an example from Lewis Carroll’s famous book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to illustrate the importance of business

Keep the Honeymoon Going

In business, there’s little so exciting as landing a new client. Signing that contract results in celebration, which can quickly turn sour if the company throws the new account upon unprepared employees. The following tips will help you

Making It All Work Together

Business news is rife with reports of mergers and acquisitions, companies being sold for millions or billions of dollars in deals that make shareholders squeal with joy and c-suite executives give praise for their golden parachutes. The M&A


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