THE HEGGEN GROUP will design and implement practical strategies for business operations that focus on creating profitability, facilitating cooperative dialogue, and improving performance while integrating new business opportunities.
The Path To Success Starts Now


The Heggen Group brought order from chaos for the following clients. Let us do the same for you. We bring order to chaos.


We Bring Order to Chaos


Here’s what I’m hearing from clients:

Align workflows, services

“Jayne Heggen worked directly with me on a significant business operations analysis–a 3-month project that helped re-cast our organization.” -Kristi VandenBosch, Global Chief Digital Officer MXM

Work together as one unit

“Jayne Heggen has a unique talent for focusing on the essential details and articulating their relevance to a given dynamic with clear examples.” -Michael Merryman, Partner Durable Connect

Transition new clients

“Jayne Heggen’s insight and know-how enable her to understand and solve business problems quickly and efficiently.” -Chris Shumaker, Global Chief Marketing Officer FCB Global

Orchestrate management

“Jayne Heggen’s expertise was invaluable in evaluating and organizing best practices on implementing a digital/advertising operating model…” -Andrea Alfano, Chief Operations Officer, H&L Partners


With corporate growth comes chaos and the confusion that follows. That's where we step in. From bringing new clients on-board to figuring out who does what to establishing practical processes that help get the work done while preserving profit, the Heggen Group refines strategies, clarifies roles, resets expectations, resolves conflicts, and opens cross-department dialogue.

  • Enterprise Transformation

    Improve business performance and resource utilization through feasible processes

  • Business Systems Assessments

    Create a framework that scales to accommodate the client’s needs

  • Financial Compliance

    Learn how to minimize wasted time and resources

  • Client Relationship Turnarounds

    Rescue a deteriorating client relationship and restore productivity

  • New Business Onboarding

    Ease a client’s transition from one agency to another with communication and practical processes

  • Post-Merger Architecture

    Reduce fear, chaos, and uncertainty in corporate mergers Save Save


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