Jayne Heggen

Disciplined, insightful, analytic, truthful, reliable, and trustworthy are just a handful of the terms that clients use to describe Jayne Heggen. From early success in music and gymnastics to varied positions spanning accounting, process design, operations, and marketing, Jayne has made perseverance and innovative thinking a hallmark of her career. She asks the hard questions—the questions no one considers—and listens to the responses to get to the real issues that have driven a company into chaos. With insight, flexibility, and the wisdom of experience, Jayne teaches companies how to reinvigorate themselves, showing them the tools they need to resolve embedded problems and once again step on the path toward success and profit.



For any of these services, I am available to consult, manage, speak, advise or mentor.

Panel Participation

Public Speaking

C-Suite Advisor

Operations Consulting

Interim Executive Manager

Business Coach & Mentor