Solution Services Overview

Our marketing and advertising operations consulting business focuses on our clients’ critical challenges and opportunities: organization, operations, transformation, talent, relationships, and financial compliance across all media channels and disciplines. Fully understanding the underlying processes that support business issues and opportunities is the core of everything we do.

Major services include:

Enterprise Transformation

What needs to be accomplished, who should do it, and how will it be done? Our consulting and process services answer these critical business questions through a thorough evaluation of cross-functional effort to address corporate objectives. We focus on both improving the strategy, operations, finance, and sale focus of organizations and designing an efficient and practical solution that may range from minor restructuring to full realignment of personnel, resources, and responsibilities.

Business Process Assessments

The best way to manage a small account won’t work for a large account, which usually entails a greater range and scale of service and resources. We review organization designs, systems and operations requirements and tailor processes that meet a client’s needs to balance quality, capabilities, resources, and productivity. The result is higher customer satisfaction and greater loyalty.

Financial Compliance

Acquiring full value from negotiated contracts concerns many marketing and advertising companies. An assessment of your contract management, pricing and client billing processes identifies missed revenue opportunities, enhances cash flow, reduces costs, and identifies gaps in compliance requirements, while improving business relationships.

Client Relationship Turnarounds

Emergency situations require a rapid recovery process first to stabilize the situation, then to assess where the relationship is breaking down, and finally to devise and implement corrective actions to recover and restore the good working relationship between client and agency. After 90 days of intensive evaluation, analysis, and remediation, teams can institute new, more productive working norms.

New Business Onboarding

The process of bringing on a new account must establish a strong foundation for the relationship between the client and marketing/advertising team. A successful transition plan involves two main steps: transferring the client’s work from an incumbent agency and seamlessly integrating the new team with the client’s work. The transition process uses checklists and key points of contact to manage complex lines of communications. The implementation process monitors new work kick-offs to ensure client expectations, timelines, goals, budget, and more, as the relationship begins. Importantly, the transition process to ensure the foundation supports the new relationship is effective within 90 to 120 days of bringing on a new client.

Post Merger Architecture

Post-merger environments engender chaos, fear, uncertainty, distraction, and diminished innovation. The post-merger architecture is a process blueprint that involves people in the upfront assessment and structural design and workflow development required to facilitate the company- wide commitment that ensures financial goals are met. With their concerns heard, considered, and addressed, people will pull together to work toward common goals.