Small pieces make the big picture: Putting the puzzle together to execute brand strategy



Jayne’s business cards say that she is a consultant in client services and brand strategy execution. But when you get down to it, she is so much more. Jayne is a marketer, an entrepreneur, the developer of a U.S patent pending, cloud based management platform, and a brilliant advertising/marketing process expert. In addition, she is one of the most genuine people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing—and she makes a mean Bolognese.

I’ve worked with Jayne on a number of entrepreneurial endeavors. I was knocked out by her ability to quickly make sense of chaos while effortlessly managing a roomful of challenging personalities on a national Cadillac pitch. She provided a clear path forward, outlined a smart, strategic process, and left everyone smiling.

Jayne is an asset to every brand, agency, and project that she touches. I highly recommend her über smart approach.

Michael Rafayko, President & Executive Producer (2015-2016)

Brand Strategy Execution

Building the brand marketing platform for a well-funded West Coast start-up entailed a four-phase approach to socialize customer service, optimize product sales, develop a strategic plan and account management process, and to craft a comprehensive strategic brand platform. As senior team leader, Jayne Heggen connected the disparate parts and built the team needed to implement and support a cohesive effort in sales, messaging, and creative development across marketing channels.


We can do more when we work together: Aligning multiple offices



Jayne Heggen has a unique talent for focusing on the essential details and articulating their relevance to a given dynamic with clear examples. I have had the opportunity to work with Jayne on several occasions and have found her insights to be invaluable. Jayne’s gift for analysis is tempered with a dry sense of humor that never undermines the commitment to task; rather, her witticisms serve to add context to the observations. Not only do I highly recommend Jayne Heggen, I have active plans to retain her services in the near future on a new venture.

Michael Merryman, Partner (2016)
Durable Connect

Multi-Office Resource Alignment

This project aimed to develop a resource management process blueprint that would enable teams in Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York to collaborate and still have access to other network resources. The process designed built horizontal, client-centric teams and a corresponding support structure to expand back-end capabilities on demand.


Head ‘em up and roll ‘em out: Monitor, track, and manage enterprise portfolios



Jayne Heggen is an exceptional executive and manager with a breadth of organizational knowledge. She appreciates the value of data for informed decision making and is able to balance quantitative with qualitative factors to effect positive and results-oriented change. Jayne was instrumental in helping to institutionalize a data-driven PMO and set of operational measures for improved operations. 
She leveraged her organizational experience in combination with the data to identify organizational areas needing change. She took action to transform and improve those areas of operations.
I highly recommend Jayne as a leader capable of effective change management and organizational improvements that improve organizational results in measurable ways!

Kathleen Gammon, EBay Marketing Services Solutions (2014-2015)

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Building a marketing framework for what was, at the time, the second largest, global e-commerce enterprise platform involved definition of key tracking and monitoring milestones, coordinating multiple engineering/IT/PMO teams to collect client and campaign information, and consolidation of information for easy-to-understand presentation to management. Project deliverables included trend results and forecasts, flagging accounts to avoid unnecessary internal and client escalations, tracking of project workload by client account, and client ROI analyses for billable accounts.


One size fits all: Stretch-to-fit alignment of campaign processes



I had the privilege of working with Jayne Heggen on the client side and as a fellow consultant while collaborating on improving the marketing campaign processes for a Fortune 100 client. Jayne effectively combines practical experience in agency process and client services with a C-suite perspective, while balancing disciplined planning with the need for implementation. Her assessment and analytical skills are top-notch, as is her ability to garner a team’s collaboration and support through to execution.

I very much enjoyed and benefited from working with Jayne and look forward to doing so again.

Bill Sanders, Operational Strategist (2015)
Roebling Strauss, Inc.

Campaign Processes Alignment

This collaborative project encompassed cross-agency brand navigation, brand strategy, and streamlining delivery of customer campaigns for a small advertising agency with an A-list retail client. Project deliverables included development of a scalable communication system to support and manage digital, broadcast, and printed media, ensuring alignment with brand and seasonal promotions.


All aboard! Setting processes in motion for bringing new accounts onboard



Jayne Heggen’s insight and know-how enable her to understand and solve business problems quickly and efficiently. Having worked with her on several critical initiatives, Jayne consistently offers a comprehensive understanding of the problem to be solved, marketplace dynamics, critical operational thinking, and refreshing new ideas. On top of that, she is a delight to work with!

I would recommend Jayne to any business looking for new, practical solutions in the highly competitive, constantly evolving marketplace.

Chris Shumaker, Global Chief Marketing Officer (2013-2016)
FCB Global

Global Account Onboarding

When the objective is to build and implement an operations transition process for bringing a new account onboard, then preparation for that event must focus on building a framework to monitor the myriad complex and often confusing conversations that take place in preparation for new client work. That structure organizes and manages the information delivered as well as the methods for delivering it to ensure that the correct people are kept in the loop. The transition process ensures a fast and smooth transfer of information and client requirements from one agency to another. The effort involves a deep understanding of client, agency, and partner operations to guide the process, so work transitions without a hitch.


Déjà vu all over again: Restructuring brand execution strategy



Jayne Heggen is energetic, bright, very detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. Great outcome of our consulting engagement.

Mark Krolick, Managing Director of Marketing & Product Development (2013)
United Airlines

Brand Restructuring Strategy Execution

UA hired Heggen Group to create a brand operating structure that would allow the newly merged frequent flyer program to emerge as a brand separate from and independent of the airline’s brand strategy. The project involved understanding existing multi-channel campaign efforts, sub-brand advertising strategies and integrated workflows connecting the marketing department, product and service lines of business, external clients, partner agencies and vendors. The project encompassed development of processes for brand governance and navigation, integration of partner agencies, and collaboration with IT to create custom software solutions for ongoing tracking and campaign reporting.


Back to the drawing board: Transforming and integrating agency services and profitability



Jayne Heggen worked directly with me on a significant business operations analysis–a 3-month project that helped re-cast our organization. Her vast experience with operational models, financial requirements, and process flows helped identify opportunities for increased effectiveness and efficiency across the company. The resulting recommendations were spot-on. Jayne truly takes a holistic look at the business.

She has a terrific working style, is highly collaborative, and develops plans which are clear and executable. I highly recommend her as a business partner.

Kristi VandenBosch, Former CEO Hal Riney (2012)

NA Agency Digital Transformation

Jayne designed new end-to-end workflows to enhance newly integrated agency services and profitability. They incorporated critical actions, roles, and responsibilities. The new workflows improved accuracy, accountability, and efficiency of creative deliverables and were scalable across network and global resources. The results of this work led to the organizational realignment of four U.S. offices, including the company’s headquarters in New York.


Set the tempo and cue the violins: structure, capabilities, and functions to align performance



Jayne Heggen’s, expertise was invaluable in evaluating and organizing best practices on implementing a digital/advertising operating model that would address internal processes and refine key roles and responsibilities, financial management, and efficiency of integrated deliverables for online/offline and scalability. She was also a pleasure to work with.

Andrea Alfano, COO H&L Partners (2011-2014)
H&L Partners

Regional Agency Transformation & Expansion

A three-year project focused on four main programs involving assessment, realignment, and reorganization of the agency’s structure, capabilities, and functions. The prolonged effort encompassed adding a new East Coast office and bringing new clients onboard, being sure to integrate them into the agency’s process for flawless management of their advertising and marketing needs.


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy: Optimizing account management



I worked with Jayne Heggen on a key client project that focused on driving business and operational improvement within a 3-month period. It started with articulating the vision for a global client and agency engagement model and followed by rebuilding and implementing this approach across staffing, operations, financial models, and process flows. Jayne’s broad-ranging experience and strategic thinking allowed her to look at a business holistically, but it was her practical and pragmatic approach to implementation that enabled her to balance the needs of both the client and the agency and to provide recommendations that drove positive outcomes for both.

Heidi Arkinstall, Former SVP, Worlwide Account Director, Publicis Modem SF (2012)

Account Management Optimization

A 90-day resolution action plan to address client dissatisfaction resulted in a thorough analysis and complete overhaul of the agency’s account management system to address underlying client dissatisfaction. Analysis entailed evaluation of the agency’s reporting structures, product owner roles and responsibilities, briefing processes, performance feedback, and ROI.

Success of this effort led to two additional projects for the agency: restructuring across offices and building of a global account management structure that included hiring a global account manager.

For a comprehensive list of recommendations and client testimonials, view Jayne Heggen’s LinkedIn profile.